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Embark on your academic adventure to excellence!

Bowen Academy Services

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After School Program 

Explore our after-school program for grades K-8! Our experienced staff offers personalized attention and a variety of academic resources and activities. Join us for a comprehensive education and help your child reach their full potential

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Chinese Program

Experience personalized Chinese language instruction for all levels, coupled with cultural insights. Join us for cooking, calligraphy, and cultural outings to appreciate the richness of Chinese traditions. Start learning at your own pace and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Chinese language and culture!


Summer Program

Experience a fun and educational summer with a variety of activities. Our skilled staff creates a supportive environment for skill improvement, interest exploration, and peer enjoyment. Join us for a memorable and enriching summer break!

Why Afterschool Education Is Important? "According to the Harvard University research study..."

Academic excellence beyond after-school care at Bowen Academy ! 

White Minibuses

Transportation Services

  • Safe and reliable transportation services

  • Trained and responsible drivers

  • Regular communication with parents/guardians regarding schedules

  • Flexible transportation options to accommodate various needs

  • Efficient coordination for multi-stop routes

  • Easy tracking and updates on transportation status

Outdoor Summer Camp Activities!

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